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College A-Z Direction Finding People Free Stuff
Internet and Web Movies and TV Net Navigation News Current
Restaurant Sports Useful Sites Weather

Useful Sites for Really Busy People

Technology Tips & Tricks
Decipher Computer Terminology
Shop for Web Host
Start a Discussion Mailing List
Take a Poll for Group Events
Update Your Drivers
Search Google in a Flash
Fight Viruses for Free

Smarter Shopping
Comparison Shop While on the Go
Find the Best Online Price for Books
Evaluate Products Before Buying
Track Your Package Deliveries
Monitor Auctions Across the Net
Stop Telemarketers From Calling
Learn About Product Recalls

News & Sports
Get News Streamed to Your Desktop
Read Global News in One Place
Read or Subscribe to a Magazine
Follow Basketball Scores on Your Desktop
Get Sports Scores on Your Palm
Read Sports Pages From Out of Town
Sign Up for Sporting Events

Mind Your Money
Stock Market Watch
Estimated Tax Payments
Manage Your Roth IRA
Calculate Mortgage Payments
Determine Profits From Stock Options
Plan Your Finances
Find Out if You Won the Lottery

Tips For Safety While Traveling
A Worry-Free Vacation: Preparing Your Home for Your Time Away
House Sitter Checklist for Homeowners
The Post-Burglary Guide: What to Do After a Thief Strikes Your Home
Food and Water Safety for Travelers
Single Travel: Tips for Going Solo
Travel Tips for Pet Parents
50 Top Tips for Travelling with Kids
How to Drive Safely While Traveling Abroad

Travel With Less Hassle
Traveller Information Center
Simple Travel Kit Itinerary
Travel Safety Resources
Find Free Wireless While Traveling
International Travel: Resource Library
Common Travel Health Topics
ZocDoc: Locate a Doctor While Traveling
Stay Healthy While Traveling Abroad
Medicare for International Travel
International Jobs: Working Overseas

The Medical Volunteer’s Guide to Overseas Travel
Track Flight Arrivals and Departures
Learn the Baggage Rules for Your Airline
Reserve Airport Parking in Advance
Find a Radio Station for the Road
Get Weather Reports Worldwide
Look Up What Shots You Need
Learn a Foreign Language
Obtain Foreign Visas

Leisure Lifestyle, Laughs
Find a Concert Near You
Track New CD Releases
Stay on Top of DVD Releases
Get Movies Listings on Your PDA
Download Free Music
Find Out What's on TV
Locate Ski Runs
Reserve a Campsite

Ready Reference
Read E-Book Classics
Make an International Phone Call
Calculate Postage
Research Public Records
Sort Out Valid Health Concerns
Take the Guesswork Out Of Foreign Postal Addresses

General Useful Sites
Consult Web Encyclopedias
Choose The Right Running Shoe
Scope Out Retro Hair Chic
All About Radio
A Service Of The Bureau Of Consular Affairs
The Safe and Savvy Traveler's Guide to the State Dept. Site
Tap Into Global Surveillance
Trade Your Opinion For Good Stuff
Make The Smartest Travel Plans
The Ultimate Small Business Manual
Brush Up Your Math Skills
Avoid Unsafe Consumer Products
Understand All Holidays
Crank Up Your SAT Scores
Know What You're Eating
Simplify Your Web Address
Any Question Answered
Trip Planner
Reminders, E-Mail Notification
The Independent Reader
Fare Tracker
Electric Bill Calculator
OneLook Dictionaries
Sallie Mae Calculators
Toiletology 101
"Are You Audit Bait?"
Guide To Airport Rental Cars
U.S. Census Population Clocks
Consumer World
Planning a Golfing Vacation
Passport Services
Culture Finder
The Ultimate Band List
200 Letters for Job Hunters
Walk Into Fitness
Prevent Thefts And Accidents
Online Language Dictionaries and Translators
Look Inside Yourself
Tap Into Government Research
Internet Travel Network
Ticketmaster Online
Good Cooking
Bartender on-line "The Webtender"
CompuCook's "A to Z" Food Information
Guide to Major Cities
Read the Real Story of U.S. History
Get a Quick Answer to a Legal Question
Score Free Tickets to TV Taping
Demystify Cooking
Catch Up on Slept-Through Nightlines
Live In The Moment
Finger Government Statistics

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