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Ohan is a swimmer, he has archived swimming at Y.M.C.A. pool to swim 1500 miles.
My YMCA Story

From Ohan Armoudian:

I have been a member of the Weatherford YMCA for over 25 years.  Some of the programs I have participated in were:  Zumba, water aerobics, RIPPED, nautilus room, and of course aquatics.  I swam diligently five days a week and met my goal of swimming 1500 miles.  I would have continued my daily swim, but due to a defective aortic value that needed to be replaced, I had to have surgery in August of 2017.  Because I was in such good physical condition, I recovered quickly.  I was ready to start my work outs at the YMCA, but then the unthinkable happened………I had a perforated colon and ended up at Mercy hospital in Oklahoma City.  They did emergency surgery, and I spent 31 days in ICU.    Things went downhill from there-kidneys shut down, septic shock, pneumonia, a tracheotomy was performed, and I was in an induced coma for 4 months.  While in ICU, the doctors never gave up hope and attributed my physical abilities to all the activities I had participated in at the YMCA-especially all the swimming I had done.  When I was finally dismissed from the hospital, I was then transferred to Bellevue Rehab hospital.  Once again, the physical therapist remarked about how incredible it was that I survived all I had gone through.  She also said it was due to the workouts and the swimming I had done at the YMCA.  It is still a struggle, but I am getting stronger every day.  So this is where I want to say a big THANK YOU to the Weatherford YMCA for providing these amazing programs!  It made a huge difference in my recovery.  Thanks be to God!

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